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Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) is an institution with a long history of educating teachers. We are pleased to offer an online program for the Master of Education in Early Childhood! The goal of SFA's College of Education is to meet the needs of educators everywhere with quality higher education degree instruction. By offering teachers a chance to further their own education through online learning, SFA is striving to position itself as a university adapting to the ever-changing needs and demands placed on today's early childhood educators.

SFA understands that every student's experience counts and focused education in areas of early childhood education can enhance not only the teacher's knowledge, but the student's experience.

SFA's early childhood education degree offers educators:

Online degree program that meets the needs of educators!

The adoption of an online delivery model enables SFA to offer a master's degree in education, making it among the most affordable and desirable options for elementary educators. Instructors at SFA come from a blend of seasoned professors and academic researchers in the field of educational instruction. The university's faculty ensures that our students receive instruction in both theoretical and practical approaches to the knowledge they will need to succeed in their classrooms. Teachers will find the online degree program offered by SFA is both applicable and essential in real world educational instruction.

Become tomorrow's educator today at SFA!

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